I think we made a game

November 13, 2015

It feels like we’ve been working on our game Kangaroo Dash forever, but it actually got started with the 2015 VR Jam in April this year. Since then the game has evolved into something we are really proud of, it has four different worlds with varying difficulty levels and we really hope that everyone will find it as fun and immersive as we do. We have finally submitted the game and it is currently under review by Oculus, and if everything goes well Kangaroo Dash will hit the GearVR store in the near future..

So far the game have managed to get some attention. During the jam there was an awesome gameplay video created by Selzier where he was playing and jumping through the game, we also got a very nice review from VRPill. On Oculus Connect 2 the game was played by no other then Palmer Luckey - which of course was captured on video.

Palmer Luckey