Privacy & other stuff

The game

To improve our games and find the areas where players start to hate us we sometimes collect anonymous statistics with Google Analytics. We only do this so that you’ll like our games more, and perhaps even love them (and us). In the case we collect high-score results from the game we might eventually publish highscores on our website - but as usual the data will be anonymous.


This website use Google Analytics to track and examine the use of Google may use this data to personalize the ads of its own advertising network, but that’s what Google does. Read more about them and their privacy policy here.

Terms of use

Bugs, patches and updates

Everyone makes mistakes and so do we. To fix our mistakes we release patches, we also release updates to make our game harder or to make the game easier. We are in no way required to patch our game or fix it in any way, but we’ll probably do it until everything is pretty great.


Copying a game that you can afford is bad. Copying a game that you cannot afford is not as bad. Having an expensive smartphone and telling yourself that you cannot afford a game as cheap as this is weird. Please do not copy this game.

Safety and Kangaroo Dash

Kangaroo Dash is a jumping game where you physically jump to move. You are responsible to take the required actions to make this as safe as possible. Play in a wide open space and try to limit the amount of legos on the floor. It can also be fun to play with a friend - they are excellent spotters! You, as the player, are responsible for any injuries or other mishaps (like jumping into some fine wine) that may arise from the use of our game. We are not responsible for injuries. We are not responsible for any material damages.