Photon Strike

Take the role as master and commander of a planet in a universe that wraps around you in full 360 degrees. Send your fleet out to explore uncharted planets or turn their power against your enemies - it is all up to you!

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The Thief (in development)

As a thief this was to be just another day at the job, but the further down the rabbit hole you go the more you’ll realize that something is not quite right.

Solve puzzles, find clues and get out alive.

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Kangaroo Dash

About the game

Explore the world one jump at a time! Be prepared to some of the most intense fun available in Virtual Reality! By using a physically based movement scheme Kangaroo Dash puts you right in the action where you’ll dodge cars, ride the rapids and be chased by both fish and foe - and everything is controlled by your body!

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Photon Strike - statistics, updates and a summer sale!

July 14, 2016

As you may know we recently added analytics tracking to Photon Strike so that we could get a better picture whether or not the AI was too hard or easy on you.

Only 5% real reviews? - and a few other things

June 17, 2016

Since there has been some discussions lately about bad reviews and the people giving them I felt the need to investigate this a bit.

Reload - first week in the GearVR store

June 1, 2016

The first week in the GearVR store has been an interesting one. I have had the Oculus dashboard statistics page open on my phone and constantly pushed the refresh button, searched Internet for any reviews and checked out the store if we got a new rating on our game. This has not been good for my nerves.