Reload - first week in the GearVR store

June 1, 2016

The first week in the GearVR store has been an interesting one. I have had the Oculus dashboard statistics page open on my phone and constantly pushed the refresh button, searched Internet for any reviews and checked out the store if we got a new rating on our game. This has not been good for my nerves.

Anyway, some good things has come out of it. I’ve learned that the market seems to be mostly US since the the sales seems to pick up in the evening (swedish time) and peak while I’m sleeping. So at least at the moment being unfocused on my daytime work, hitting the refresh button seems to be a waste of time.

And we’re still on the top 5 of the highest rated games in the store (that have a price tag) so in the end it’s all happy joy!

And congrats to Tactera and E McNeill on the great success! :)

Top 5 rated (paid) games, June 1


Tactera - 4,9 ($9.99)


Archer E. Bowman - 4,6 ($7.99)


Dreadhalls - 4,5 ($4.99)
Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games - 4,5 ($4.99)


Photon Strike - 4,4 ($1.99)
Land’s End - 4,4 ($7.99)


Proton Pulse - 4,3 ($2.99)
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - 4,3 ($9.99)
Minecraft Gear VR - 4,3 ($6.99)
Esper - 4,3 ($4.99)