Photon Strike - statistics, updates and a summer sale!

July 14, 2016

As you may know we recently added analytics tracking to Photon Strike so that we could get a better picture whether or not the AI was too hard or easy on you. After reviewing the data we made a small update and made the AI slightly easier for you to beat. Looking at the data today there has been a few changes when comparing it before and after the AI update. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Good news everyone!

Looking at the easy mode people tend to win in a 20% greater extent than before the update, regardless of how many enemies the player have chosen.

If I look at the data filtering on easy mode with 3 enemies people tend to win 2 out of 3 times and that is a significant higher number than on 1 or 2 enemies so I make the conclusion that in this case they actually have practised first with 1 or 2 enemies then go for 3 enemies.

An interesting, and I guess when I think about it not that surprising fact, is that most started games are set on easy mode with 1 enemy, no surprises there but the second place on the list of most played games is hard mode with 3 enemies. Adding the information that actually 43% of these played games (Hard 3) was won by the player actually makes me draw the conclusion that when you have beaten all the enemies on Easy mode you go straight for the hardest mode there is and give it a try. That might indicate that easy mode with 1 enemy is still too hard, and that the learning curve isn’t well balanced.

In the end it is hard to say if the AI still is too hard or not, we don’t want to go Mega Man on you and we’d like to stay true to our initial thought that you shouldn’t make it on your first try.

Even better news everyone!

We’ve made Photon Strike a bit easier for you on easy mode with 1 enemy giving you a chance to learn the game before you give it a go on hard mode or add more enemies into the mix.

We also decided do cut the price in half! You’ll find Photon Strike in GearVR store, now on sale - $0.99 only for a few days! Go and get it, we hope you’ll like it.