Kangaroo Dash

About the game

Explore the world one jump at a time! Be prepared to some of the most intense fun available in Virtual Reality! By using a physically based movement scheme Kangaroo Dash puts you right in the action where you’ll dodge cars, ride the rapids and be chased by both fish and foe - and everything is controlled by your body!

In the game Kangaroo Dash you find yourself stranded in a unknown world that consists of multiple floating islands. In order to survive you will need to visit four different islands, overcome obstacles and avoid deadly traps. Compete with yourself or try to make it to the global high score list, and who knows, you might just be good enough to unlock the secret level?

The control scheme challenge

Using accelerometer input the player is able to traverse the world by jumping between points in a fixed grid. The inherent unpredictability of the human jump combined with the player doing the actual physical movement keeps the nausea at a minimum while still being able to freely roam the environment. Since the input solution is natural it is very easy to get into “the zone” when the game loop tightens later in the game.


To keep the game running at a cool 60 frames per seconds the game uses low poly aesthetics combined with baked textures to keep the draw call and vertex count to a minimum.