Photon Strike - statistics, updates and a summer sale!

July 14, 2016

As you may know we recently added analytics tracking to Photon Strike so that we could get a better picture whether or not the AI was too hard or easy on you.

Only 5% real reviews? - and a few other things

June 17, 2016

Since there has been some discussions lately about bad reviews and the people giving them I felt the need to investigate this a bit.

Reload - first week in the GearVR store

June 1, 2016

The first week in the GearVR store has been an interesting one. I have had the Oculus dashboard statistics page open on my phone and constantly pushed the refresh button, searched Internet for any reviews and checked out the store if we got a new rating on our game. This has not been good for my nerves.

We just released Photon Strike - and it's great!

May 26, 2016

The last few months has been quite busy, but the hard work has paid off and made it possible for us to release another game! The reception so far has been great and we are currently the #1 rated game on the Oculus GearVR store.

How virtual reality will change education

November 23, 2015

It’s been awhile since something revolutionized education as much as the Internet did, and in some ways schools and teachers are still struggling on how to best take advantage of it. Things take time, but I really do hope that the next big leap does not take twenty years to sink in. So, what’s the next big thing in education?

I think we made a game

November 13, 2015

It feels like we’ve been working on our game Kangaroo Dash forever, but it actually got started with the 2015 VR Jam in April this year. Since then the game has evolved into something we are really proud of, it has four different worlds with varying difficulty levels and we really hope that everyone will find it as fun and immersive as we do.

The water world

October 20, 2015

Since @nilstastic decided to finish the game after the VR jam I have helped out with stuff like level design and that has been great fun, but now when the game soon is to be launched it starts to feel a bit scary.

Worldbuilding - lighthouse

September 6, 2015

Since the main gameplay elements are in place I’ve begun work on the environment. I really like the oceanic feel from the jam game and I’m currently working on a few models that will build on the “floating islands and a huge ocean” feel. I also read “The making of Karateka” by Jordan Mechner during the weekend, and even though it was written over thirty years ago it is very relatable.

Stockholm virtual reality meetup

August 23, 2015

I’ve been meaning to participate in the Stockholm virtual reality meetup for as long as it has existed, but I’ve never gotten around to it. Most of the time I’ve just been too slow to register and the one time I got in I had to be a dad and do dad-stuff instead. But, this time I got in and managed to participate as well. So, what’s this meetup stuff all about?

Kangaroo Dash - a new beginning

July 3, 2015

So, I’ve decided to make a game. Now, I don’t mean one of those games that you scrap once you reach the part of the development cycle where you go “yeah, this would be an awesome game, but I’ve learned so much and with all this new knowledge my next game is going to be even better!”. I’m talking about a real game, with a beginning, a middle and an end.

Kangaroo Dash - a retrospective

June 2, 2015

When Oculus announced the GearVR jam back in February I didn’t take much notice. I had read about the device and watched the various presentations on Oculus Connect but it always felt kind of gimmicky, and why would anyone use a mobile phone to do limited VR when you could just use a gaming rig and get the full experience? Getting into mobile VR I continued on my usual path until I watched Carmacks speech at GDC.

V^Bert - a retrospective

September 11, 2013

I’ve always liked a challenge, and since I’m not a smart man these things seem to present themselves quite often. This time it was in the form of the Oculus/Indiecade VR Jam and I instantly knew that it was to interesting to pass up. After doing some research it seemed that almost everyone was going with a game engine like Unity or UDK, but since I like to know how stuff works, this was not an option.